Vote to elect
  for Rockledge

City Council Seat #6 

Phone:    (321) 213-9515

Hello, my name is Ted Hartselle.  I want to serve you on the Rockledge City Council. 

I am asking you to make a special effort to exercise your right to vote.  Why?  

Rockledge is a solid hometown community, great for kids, church, schools, small town lifestyle and recreation.  Rockledge has benefited from good leaders, hardworking civil servants, unique environment, and active community service organizations.   I want to keep these good things.  

  • I intend to keep quality in Rockledge, my hometown, with recreation, conservation and beautification.
  • Keep building - Barnes Boulevard widening is a priority. Attracting restaurants, retail and commercial to all areas of Rockledge is essential for current businesses to continually succeed.
  • To listen, lead and just do it. I have attended most city council meetings representing the public. To advance ideas, improve and find solutions.
  • Support the community with sound fiscal policy, when needed object and propose.
  • Attract more annexation; so our city services can be maintained and Rockledge residents can enjoy the best of all services; including jobs.

Someone who is there for you - I attended all city council meetings the past three years to get familiar the issues, often the only member of the public present.

STS-129 Rollout to Pad A on October 14, 2009. 
Someone gets to launch the rocket, might as well be me. 
As a NASA Contractor engineer, I was entrusted with the safety critical cryogenics and main engine launch console for 168 launch operations.
I was honored to be recognized by NASA as a KSC Shuttle Legend, and as a member of  the Space Shuttle Fleet - Prime Launch Control Team. 
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